Hotel Saisera is able to offer its guests an extraordinary combination of beautiful nature and places that have ‘made history’. The hotel is located in Valbruna, in the Tarvisio area, a stone’s throw from neighbouring Austria and Slovenia. An enchanted place with a fabulous view of the Julian Alps just a few kilometres from the town of Tarvisio. The hotel’s name derives from the Slovenian “za jezero” meaning “behind the lake”. In ancient times, in fact, a lake covered the entire Valbruna plain as far as Malborghetto.
Hotel Saisera has two types of rooms: Julian Alps View and Forest View. The style that distinguishes them is simple but neat, with all the comforts. The d├ęcor is typical of the mountains, where beech and fir are the main features. You will be welcomed by a quiet and pleasant environment, where you can rest after a long day in the mountains.


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